Diamá feat. Jazzmin Dian Moore – Calling all angels (official video)

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My Diamonds!!! It’s finally here:

Diamá joins forces with Jazzmin Dian Moore to deliver an important message on her fifth music video “Calling all angels”, taken from her debut album “We’re not done!”.
“Calling all angels” is an anthem for Inclusiveness that celebrates diversity in all its colorfulness and beauty. It is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt left alone or has endured violence, body shaming, cyber-bullying, racism, homo- or transphobia. It’s that spark that gets you to finally speak up and resist. When silences are broken others will reach out and offer support and understanding. “Calling all angels” is about togetherness and acceptance mixed with a good dose of pride and confidence.
Blue Synthax produced the music to this up-tempo pop/dance song, where airy trance elements imitate heavenly surroundings and a thick beats reminds us of our heartbeat – our humanity.
Diamá wrote the lyrics to “Calling all angels” with Jiameé, who also wrote the concept and script to the music video with Jazzmin Dian Moore.
Julian Quentin, a young Swiss director and cinematographer, who has already received awards for his previous works, was chosen to direct the video.
Lead Roles:
Jazzmin Dian Moore & Diamá
Main Cast:
Patrizia Giannuzzi, Carmelo Palma, Marie-Louise Lo, Sarah Baumgartner & Teresa Matusadila
Marco Tornese (Mr. Gay CH / Mr. Gay Universe 2017), Ryan Wright, Kasia Novaczyk, Rodrigo De Morais, Manuela Ritzmann, Lanny Oslo, Juan David Torres, Yeffil Schellenberg (Miss Heaven 2017), Andreas Von Rosen, Rosanna Dede, Alexandra Mandoki, Hans Rudi, Yves Ufer, Filip Fuchs, Friedrich Wenzel, Doris Wiesendanger, Fabian Widmer, Rosilene Straface, Martina Langender, Pauline Morin, Edith & Thomas Baumgartner.
Directed by Julian Quentin
Simon Wottreng (Gaffer), Nathalie Kamber (Assistant), Barnaby Hall (Sound)
Make-Up Department: Vera Ramunno for “Bronx Colors”
Car: Bentley 1965 – Erich von Carrara
Supported by: Swarovski – Bucketfeet Switzerland – Es Fangar Vins – Brox Colors – Chateau Hallelujah – Brunello Caffé – Lyte & Byte – Ege Oran Couture – Sollbruchstelle
Catering by Assunta Romano & Erminia Esposito
Lable copy (Song):
Diamá feat. Jazzmin Dian Moore
(Carmelo Tirenna, Francesco Tanga, Alessandro Meoli, Gianni-Massimo „Jiameé“ Esposito & Claudia DʼAddio)
Written by Gianni-Massimo „Jiameé“ Esposito & Claudia DʼAddio
Composed and produced by Blue Synthax (Carmelo Tirenna, Francesco Tanga & Alessandro Meoli) Produced at Blue Synthax Music Labs (Switzerland) for Jile Music (Switzerland)
Lead vocals performed by Diamá & Jazzmin Dian Moore.
Backing vocals performed by Diamá, Jazzmin Dian Moore & Jiameé.
All vocals recorded by Pele Loriano at Spartacus Studios (Switzerland) assisted by Gianni-Massimo “Jiameé” Esposito for Jile Music
Mixed by Marten Thielges at Proxy Studios (DE)
Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios (UK)